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I Am Not An FPV Know It All... Addict Maybe...

Welcome to an endless dive into all that Fpv has to offer, what it is becoming and where it might go. I certainly do not know anywhere near enough about Fpv to call myself a know it all. I certainly want to know as much as there is to possibly know about this incredible hobby. I bought my first Night Hawk from Emax around 5 years ago, right after I saw the video of some French guys flying through a forest. I have been hooked ever since. This clip is the original clip I saw all those years ago. Check out the equipment and the large scale of everything! It really give some perspective to how far this hobby has come in such a short time. 

Now we have things like the DJI digital HD system including Caddx Vista 20x20 stack. Just imagine where this hobby will be in another 5 years, with the speed of technological advancements today. I don't think we are that far away from ducted quadcopters and I saw bicopters in a recent video with 50min flight times! In the freestyle hobby we are happy with 5mins. Although the drones with the 50min flight time were more like Dji Mavik standard not the eye watering speed of the freestyle or racing drones I know and love. That being said there is, I'm sure a time and a place for a Dji, I am yet to find that place or see that time. Especially with the more recent evolution of the Cinewhoop. I will be covering the close, mutated relative of the freestyle drone that is the Cinewhoop in another article soon. 

If you are into remote controlled flying toys but haven't gotten your hands on one yet I would highly recommend a Whoop style micro. These little rippers are aimed at the novice, but I must say I still fly my Tinyhawk inside when the weathers bad, the RTF Ready to Fly Bundle comes with everything you need to get started in the hobby including:

  1. Fpv Goggles
  2. Micro Drone with camera
  3. Controller 
  4. Carry Case and some spares 

My favourite is the Tinyhawk RTF Bundle, I had the original as a gift for christmas and it really got me hooked again so maybe I am a little biased toward the Tinyhawk. 

With this little ripper you can smash into anything while on your learning curve and not have to worry too much about replacing props or parts. Trust me when I tell you that this little thing is tough as nails, I have staked this thing so many times I've lost count. Easily hundred battery packs through mine and the only thing I've had to replace was props for £3 and one motor for £8. If you are thinking of getting into the hobby I cannot recommend the Tinyhawk highly enough. With amazing value for money, durability and novice introduction to the hobby. 

 I am no professional pilot but that doesnt stop me from getting out almost every day and practicing. Through this hobby I have mad new friends and been to place I would never had been if it was in the name of getting epic footage. The name of the game is Build, Fly, Crash repeat. Don't be scared to rip through packs crash and break things as one thing I know for sure is in this hobby there is always someone willing to give you a hand or advice. 

Check out my shaky Pilot skills and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for weekly videos.


Until next time, Keep Rippin!

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