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My TOP 5 Best Drone Kits With Fpv Goggles June 2020

Are you ready for this? My top 5 favourite ready to fly (RTF) fpv kits. These kits provide you with everything you need to become an fpv pilot. One or two of these kits are bundles for the more experienced pilots, the others are for beginners or first timers. I’ll point these out as I go through the options with you.

Let’s get into it with number one. This little drone got me back into the hobby within days of getting it for christmas. 

1: Emax Tinyhawk 2 Ready To Fly Bundle:

An improved version to the one I received all those years ago. This full kit comes highly recommended by many, and includes everything you need to get flying right out of the box. 

What you get:

  1. FPV Goggles that receive the live video feed from the drone, allowing you to be “in the cockpit”..
  2. Gamer style radio transmitter to control your drone flight remotely.. 
  3. A complete Tinyhawk 2 “tinywhoop” drone with adjustable angle micro fpv camera and radio receiver.
  4. Spare propellers, batteries and charger plus a few other bonus bits.

This is the ideal beginners or first time pilots package because you get the whole experience in one box with no compatibility issues, allowing you to get flying quickly. You can fly this drone indoors, or outdoors on calm days.

Extremely affordable, durable, easy to use and most importantly fun! 

2: Eachine Novice-I 75mm 1-2S Whoop RTF & Fly Transmitter and Goggles Bundle:

This is another ready to fly bundle giving you everything you need to make a start in the FPV world. With one of the lightest weights in its category it really is perfect for an FPV beginner. It comes with a carry case that you can fit everything into, providing portability and protection. The FPV goggles are pretty good for the price and offer a fairly good image and low latency.  Eachine Novice-I 75mm 1-2S Whoop RTF

The drone itself is well made and flies really well inside and outside. As with the Tinyhawk above, if you are flying outside, make sure the weather is calm. 

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3: Happymodel Mantis85 85MM FPV Micro Racing Drone Almost RTF + Emax Tinyhawk 5.8G 48CH Diversity FPV Goggles

Happymodel Mantis85 85mm RTF Micro Racing Drone Bundle

The Mantis 85 is a little “ripper”. It is ready to fly right out of the box, just turn on the supplied FlySky transmitter, strap a battery on the drone and you are good to go. There are no prop guards on this drone so indoor use is not advised.

This bundle doesn't come with goggles, so I’ve recommended the Emax TinyHawk goggles to go with it, as they offer dual antennas and great range. 


Emax Tinyhawk Fpv Drone goggles

The Mantis 85 gives you an experience much closer to it's larger racing drone cousins. With brushless motors and 2mm reinforced base plate it is a very capable little drone with great reviews.

 4: Emax TinyHawk 2 Freestyle With + Receiver and Goggles 

There is a lot to say about this micro - it is certainly more than capable of busting out some serious freestyle tricks. If you want something a bit more like the big stuff then this would be for you. It doesn't come with goggles but once again I am recommending the Emax TinyHawk goggles. You’ll need a radio transmitter as well, so I would recommend the FLYSKY FS-I6 TRANSMITTER CONTROLLER these are perfect if you are unsure how serious you want to get into the hobby and don't want to spend loads of money. 

 You can really push your skills on with a drone like this as it's very agile and light, so forgiving in crashes. Emax have a reputation for great drones and readily available parts, so you can be confident you are buying from experienced drone builders. You will be smiling all day long with one of these in the park!

TinyHawk Freestyle 2 Fpv Drone Bundle

 You can really push your skills on with a drone like this as it's very agile and light making it forgiving when crashing. Emax always put out great drones and parts so you can be confident you are buying from experienced drone builders. You will be smiling all day long with one of these in the park. 

5: EMAX BABYHAWK R PRO 120mm FPV RACING RC DRONE 3S BNF + Goggles + Receiver

Emax BabyHawk R Pro racing drone

The BabyHawk R Pro is no baby and should not be treated like one! This thing is not for the faint hearted, capable of blistering speeds and insane performance. If you want to take the leap a little deeper into the FPV world then you may have found it!. This is the most expensive setup in our list today and is aimed at the more experienced pilot looking to upgrade or expand their skills. If you want to get into racing on tracks, this is the perfect first time racing drone able to withstand high speed collisions.

More serious drones demand more serious FPV goggles, so I’m recommending the SKYZONE SKY02X. These are mid-range goggles and will allow you to push the boundaries of distance flying with clear vision. They are more than capable of being your go-to goggles for a while.



Skyzone 02x Fpv Goggles


The transmitter I am recommending is the FRSKY TARANIS X9D PLUS SE This is a high end transmitter and will leave you wanting for nothing when it comes to options and performance. As with the SKYZONE SKY02X goggles above, you won't need to change this Radio Transmitter for some time, it’s one of the best!  


Frsky Taranis

 That brings us to the end of this Top 5 Drones with everything you need to become an FPV pilot. I hope you have enjoyed the list. I would love to hear what you guys first started flying with leave a comment and let us know. 

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Edited By Andy Vines  

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