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FPV? Freestyle? Cinewhoops? Drone Racing? What Does it all mean?

So what is An FPV drone? Well it’s most basic description is an unmanned aerial vehicle also known as a UAV with a camera capable of wirelessly transmitting live video feed back to goggles or another display. The user then has a first-person view known as FPV, of the surrounding environment and where the drone flies, it is possible to capture still images or video at the same time. 

FPV drones are most commonly remotely controlled, some can be programmed to fly autonomously using software-controlled flight plans, accessing data from Sensors and GPS installed onboard. From the user's perspective, an FPV drone is like flying, enabling a feeling of virtual presence wherever the device can be flown, often used in environments that a human could not access safely. Allowing incredible footage in location previously unseen by cameras or the human eye.

There is a lot more to learn to about the world of FPV and so many different aspects to this sport turn hobby. You can read all about them in my blog. So whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro we have something for every skill level. 

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