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Au Line Is It The Best FPV Drone Bag 2021 Review

Au Line FPV Drone Bag Review


Let's take a look at my Au Line FPV Drone bag in more detail. There are so many to choose from but do they carry enough of your gear without making you look like a total tw*^t?

Let's open it up and find out 

If you can't be bothered to read the whole article just check out my video review: 

Drone Bags In General 

I know better than most how hard it can be to transport all your drone gear to some random location, in the middle of no where for a decent session. For the last year, well since I started flying I have been using the combination of a Turningey, over the shoulder, satchel and a standard hiking rucksack.  That's over a year of carrying all my gear in 2 unsuitable bags, having to empty them all out in order to fly and pack them all back up when heading to a new spot. Sometimes I would hit 3-4 locations in one day, so you can imagine how annoying it all got. 

I was looking for bags the whole time but I didn't really like the Tovil offerings and all the Lowe pro bags I liked were out of stock or discontinued. Disappointed  I continued to wait and searched for a bag that fulfilled my expectations in both utilitarian abilities, as well as its style and design. It seemed that no FPV bag producer was making something that fitted into both those categories. 

Au Line FPV Drone Bag Back Pack

January 14th 2021. That's when I was lucky enough to be receive an amazing Birthday present from Mrs PeshiFPV, in the form of the Au Line FPV Drone Bag. An unexpected surprise. When you first see the bag it just looks cool, with anodised buckles and magnetic clips, so much storage and hidden Lap Top pocket.

How Much Equipment Fits In The Au Line FPV Drone Bag?

This was to become the best gift I've had in a long time. The Au Line back pack is capable of carrying more than all my equipment including: 

    • 3x 5 inch Drones strapped on the outside 
    • 1x Cinewhoop 3inch Shendrones Squirt V2 (inside the bag)
    • 1x 5 inch Nazgul 5 with floppy props on (inside the bag)
    • 1x Tango 2 Pro (inside top compartment)
    • 1x Fatshark Goggles (inside top compartment)
    • 2x GoPros
    • 1x Full Tool Kit
    • 1x Full size laptop 
    • 1x Lipo Safe with 8x 4s Batteries 
    • 10x spare props 

My Au Line Drone Bag With All My FPV Equipment


The list goes on but this gives you some idea of what it can hold, and like I said that doesn't even fill it up. This bag is by no means huge and yet the capacity seems to be endless. 

How Big Is The Au Line FPV Drone Bag?

Au Line FPV Drone Bag Size and Measurements

What Is The Au Line Drone Bag Like To Own?

The outside is made of a tactile leather like material with a waterproof finish. The zips are strong and high quality with a tight fabric covering, offering further waterproof protection. There are  3 pockets on the outside of the bag, 2 of them the same size and one them larger. 

There is a pocket located on the top of the bag and is completely separate to the main compartment. This will take a full size transmitter like the Jumper T16 with Crossfire on it or in my case it holds both my Tango 2 Pro Transmitter and my FatShark goggles in a box. 

The centrally located main compartment is of a good size and fits my cinewhoop with GoPro mount plus a 5inch drone with floppy props on, perfect for stealth missions. It also holds my lipo safe bag with 8X batteries init and 10x sets 5inch spare props, extra antenna and GoPro chest strap. The internal layout can be completely configured to your specific requirements at any time, using velcro fixings on thee sides. 

Au Line FPV Drone Bag Internal Inserts

The Au Line bag has rigid inserts that are fitted when you first get the bag and provide rigidity and strength to the whole bag. This allows it to stand up under its own weight and offers great impact protection on all sides, top and bottom. Between the main compartment and the back panel is strategically placed Laptop Pocket that will fit a full sized laptop, it's barley visible if you don't know it there and I thought this was such a good piece of engineering and design. 

Au Line FPV Drone Back Pack Bag Hidden Laptop Pocket

The bag also comes with a Logo'd water proof cover the goes over the whole bag and your drones, offering wind and rain as well as stealthy protection. The best thing about the bag is it's strap design when you are wearing the bag it feels light and comfortable no matter how much weight it has in it. With chest and waist strap it offer a lot of support in all the right places without sacrificing on its looks or style. 

Au Line Drone FPV Bag Straps

Au Line FPV Drone Bag Conclusion

All in all I think the Au Line Drone Bag is an excellent all round bag that leaves you wanting for nothing. I've been using mine for 2 weeks now and i've dropped it, sat on it, my daughter got her food all over it and you can just wipe it down and it looks brand new again. I'm still trying to fill it up with the equipment I need but it always has space left over. With massive storage, comfortable design and most importantly good looks. In my opinion I think if you choose to buy one of these Au Line FPV Bags you will not be disappointed.   

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