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Top 5 Reasons To Buy A Cinewhoop Fpv Drone In 2020

Cinewhoop drones are responsible for a large proportion of the amazing FPV footage you see on YouTube and everywhere else. Here are my Top 5 reasons to buy a cinewhoop in 2020-2021. The Cinewhoop is far from a jack of all trades, in fact I'd call it more of a specialist, something you would pick up when you only want cinematic footage and it's not too windy.

There are so many different frames and options available today that I didn’t know where to start with this one. So I’ve decided to start with a Cinewhoop that is very close to my heart as it was my first ever Cinewhoop and I recently lost it to a terminal frame injury. 😔

Broken Reptile Cloud 149 frame


Before I get started on frames and equipment let us talk about why people want Cinewhoops and what makes them so versatile in the drone world?

To this question there are many answers but if I were to give my top five reasons as to why, they would be as follows:


  1. Great for beginners who want something larger than a tinywhoop. The cinewhoop is a bigger more durable version of a tinywhoop, offering lots of crash protection for you, nature, friends and other pilots. These bigger machines will offer more power and flight times.
  2. Providing a super stable platform to get to grips with flying or allow the more seasoned pilot to capture great footage even in the tightest or most scraggly locations 
  3. Longer flight times usually due to being flown in a slower more sweeping fashion with less punch outs and freestyle, although some models are more than capable of freestyle. I tend to use my cinewhoop just for cinematic footage, keeping my other 5inch and 3inch drones for freestyle, racing and windy cinematic footage
  4. Flying inside or at close proximity to people or objects. Having ducts around your propellers will allow you to fly close to things with more confidence and if you were to ask someone how they feel about a drone flying near them with no ducts on they will usually answer "with ducts on please".
  5. A lot less broken propellers. Anyone who flies fpv will tell you that you need props however many you think you need double it and have some on order! The beauty of the Cinewhoop is you can crash, a lot and more often without breaking propellers, trust me if you are just starting out you will be crashing a lot and breaking even more propellers. 
  6. Cinematic, Cinematic buttery smooth Cinematic Shots anywhere anytime 😎 

All this being said I have a special place in my heart for Cinewhooping I find it relaxing and therapeutic, a great way to escape the real worlds problems and feel free as a bird. There is nothing I like more than flying close proximity in the treetops. It offers a whole new challenge to an experienced pilot, add a little wind and its time to step your game up hard and stay focused! If you loose it up there, there is a good chance you will be climbing up or throwing up to get it back.

Cinewhoops can be used in all the same locations as a five inch quad but are a lot more forgiving when you are trying proximity tricks or just hitting a multitude of tight gaps. They are great for this sort of thing but when it comes to the wind you will be fighting a loosing battle, this is when your 3-5inch freestyle and racing drones come into their own as cinewhoops do not like the wind.


I flew for 6 months without any form of camera for footage other than google or onboard dvr. I was often frustrated by the quality of the footage when compared to other fpv pilots but now, after 6 long months of little to no footage I am now able to fly confidently amongst the treetops or ripping through tight gaps with a GoPro 8 on the top of my Cinewhoop allowing me to get some pretty epic footage, even if I do say so myself. 


 As much as I love my 5 inch Nazgul and Chameleon I find myself reaching for the cloud 149, 9 times out of 10 as it offers more stealth and is much less aggressive when you don’t know how busy your spot might be. I have to say that after about 60 flights my Reptile Cloud 149 has suffered a terminal frame injury and is no longer with us. The 149 is the cheapest or was the cheapest Cinewhoop when I bought mine. I think that is reflected in durability and build quality of the frame and only the frame. The flight controller and other components are excellent and will be transferred over to the new Cinewhoop frame.

Reptile Cloud 149 Broken

Speaking to some other Cinewhoopers about the Reptile Cloud 149 frame I have found that 2 other people have experienced the arms breaking right where there is a fixing whole for a larger 30x30 stack. This whole is in the middle of the already very thin arms right where it meets the base plate. I think this will always be an issue but for a first time build and Cinewhoop it’s still a great kit for around 50 flights or so and to find out if this frame and flying style is for you.


I have chosen to go with the GepRc Cinego frame as a replacement as the arms look a lot thicker where it joins the base plate hopefully offering more durability. Full review of this after I’ve explored some forest and hit some trees. I have now built this frame and hover tested it and it flies amazing! Footage coming soon!

peshifpv Cinewhoop GepRc Cinego

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