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Get Micro Fpv & Use Flight To Escape Lockdown Blues

I have to say that this hobby is super addictive and extremely rewarding. It has so many levels to it, you can just jump in with the latest micro whoops with Ready To Fly bundles, just grab a transmitter and download a simulator to brush your skills up without even owning a multi-rotor at all, you can even become a movie director with the latest Cinewhoop series of drones. The hobbies within this hobby are infinite. 

If you are still on lockdown and stuck inside even if you don’t have a garden. The size and weight of the micro whoops now mean you can fly them just about anywhere without too much concern for damage or injury. As soon as you out those goggles on pilot you first drone take off, no matter how messy, you will be hooked. Suddenly your front room is and hallway is a race track and the doorway a tree gap. You can find freedom to escape from the confinement of lockdown by shrinking yourself down and piloting a micro drone from a first person view perspective.

The equipment involved in this hobby until recent years was expensive and complicated. Today all the same equipment is available in simple all in one packages with everything you need to get started. Design to be flown by complete novice but with variable settings allowing you enjoy faster more responsive flight characteristics once you get the hang of it.


Once you are able to fly in the beginner Stability setting for 3-4 batteries without crashing you might consider switching into the advanced Acro mode. This is when the real learning curve kicks in, props will be broken and frames smashed, hopefully no windows. That is why it is recommended to use a drone simulator program I Use Voloci Drone but there are many other simulator options. This allows you to experience all the real elements of flying anything from micros up to X class giants, without buying anything other that a transmitter and a copy of your chosen simulator. 

If you can hit some power loops and proximity flying levels in the simulators without crashing every 3 min then you could be ready to get yourself some goggles and a quad, oh some s batteries, some props lots of props, batteries for your fpv goggles, screwdrivers and some software. Yep, thats right, to be honest I'm sure I've missed some items off too. There is no denying that it is easy to underestimate the equipment and accessories really required in order to build, run and maintain Fpv drones. I would put forward the realistic figure of around £650-£800 if you are starting from scratch and this doesn't include any GoPro of filming equipment. With a further £25 plus a month on props if you are really serious. If you put the hours in this can be a very rewarding investment. 

A good idea is to find online groups or forums while in lockdown but after all this find local whoop clubs or drone meets sign up and turn up with what ever you have got to fly with or just bring you. Once you get talking to people already in the hobby you will often hear of people who are upgrading and selling off their old fpv quads and equipment for cheap. Allowing you to grab something that you don't have to worry about smashing a few times. I know this is exactly how I got my first proper 5inch quad. 

If Was going to buy any quad RTF it would have to be the Nazgul5 this beast is not for the faint hearted but doeas everything you could want from a freestyle point of view and can handle a GoPro too this means you can get great cinematic shots too. 

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Check out my progress as a freestyle acro pilot:

From there it's a case of putting in the hours to hone your skills and race times. So what are you waiting for...?

I'd love to hear peoples experiences and introductions to their Fpv journey. 

Keep Rippin'!

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